Claude is Professor of Bioinformatics at the Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London and Deputy Director of the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers and Biotherapeutics.

Main research interests are in translational bioinformatics, biobanking and health data science. Current projects are focused in high-throughput data analysis, integration with EHRs, databases and software development, particularly for breast and pancreatic cancers.

She leads the IT and Bioinformatics for two cancer UK national biobanks, the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank (BCNTB) and the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund Tissue Bank (PCRFTB). The Tissue Banking Ecosystem that she develops interlinks clinical, in vivo, in vitro and in silico resources to provide the means to harness the clinical data and molecular findings.

Her team has developed several analytical pipelines, directly applicable to patient data, and the study of the transcriptional/mutational landscapes and evolutionary dynamics of different cancer types. Main software work is focused on improving our understanding of the role of sequence variations to prioritise clinically relevant ones facilitating the promise of precision medicine ( Her team uses longitudinal EHRs and liquid biopsy to explore the clonal evolution of pancreatic cancer, and isolate markers of disease progression, treatment response and acquired resistance. Her group showed that histologically normal-appearing tissues adjacent to breast cancer harbour molecular alterations that predict risk of recurrence in young patients and so have an important prognostic role. Their focus is now on the role of these tissues in the dynamics of breast cancer recurrence. Through linking structured and unstructured EHRs to sequencing data, they investigate how and why can breast cancer recur in young women after surgery and treatment.

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