Professor Cathie Sudlow is a clinical neurologist and epidemiologist. Her clinical work involves assessing and treating patients with suspected acute stroke (or ‘brain attack’) in the hospital emergency department. Her research interests have always been firmly embedded in the world of big data, with a focus on large scale, collaborative, open science efforts to understand the causes (in our genes, environment and lifestyle), detection, prevention and treatment of major diseases, especially those that affect people in middle and older age.

Cathie holds several key national roles in big data health research initiatives. She is Director of the Scottish site of Health Data Research UK and inaugural Director of the newly established British Heart Foundation UK Centre for Cardiovascular Health Data Science. From 2011 until November 2019 she was Chief Scientist of UK Biobank, a major international research resource with data and samples of unparalleled breadth and depth from half a million UK adults.

HDR UK National Text Analytics Project is funded by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK).

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